Qbitoy Explorer Magnetic Cubes

NT$2,400 ~ NT$3,700

Qbi Magnetic Blocks: A Family Favorite

Qbi Modular Magnetic Blocks combine magnetic blocks with racetracks for a hands-on, open-ended creativity booster that stands out from similar toys. 

As we aim to break the boundaries of the Classic Collection, the new Explorer Collection comes with more features to bring kids’ imagination to life!

The Explorer Collection is designed for kids of all ages!

Your Adventure Starts Here!

Qbi is an open-ended activity that’s great for family time and independent play.

Younger kids can enjoy building tracks with the blocks. Older kids can follow the graphs on the challenge cards and their own complete missions.

No matter what age you are, the whole family can work together to build a more complicated module!

Each Qbi block contains strong magnet balls, so they can snap together without additional connectors.

Kids’ little hands can assemble the modular blocks in whatever ways they like!

Qbi is not only a toy but a perfect teaching aid for  STEM education. It helps boost children’s logical thinking, spatial abilities, creativity and problem-solving skills as they build different tracks and modules.

By playing with family members and peers, children can develop their communication styles, teamwork skills and leadership abilities.

Worried that some parts might not be okay for your little ones? What about the quality of the materials? We share your concerns.

As parents, we want to make sure that Qbi is safe for our kids. Qbi blocks pass SGS safety standards and meet requirements for children’s toys in the US and EU. No need to worry!

Qbi is easy to store and keep organized: every block of the Explorer Collection can form a perfect square. When your kids are done playing, simply stack the blocks and let the magnets keep them neat. Think of your kids’ colorful blocks as creative home decor!

Qbi was founded in 2016 by a team of young Taiwanese parents. We launched our first crowdfunding campaign in 2018, and have since been lucky enough to have the opportunity to bring Qbi to more than 22 countries. Now, with over 12,000 supporters worldwide, we are releasing a new Qbi series—the Explorer Collection.


At the very beginning, we simply wanted to design joyful toys for our own kids. This time, we believe Qbi can bring laughter to more families and schools!


Through toys, children happily learn multiple skills and ways to interact with the world. We are committed to exploring more creative ways to play with magnetic block toys so that parents and children can play and learn together.


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